Memoir of a Thirteen-Year-Old Girl

Surviving the Cambodian Genocide

Tro Music

After a long day harvesting rice under the hot sun, exhausted and hungry, I marched quietly to the desolate sounds of footsteps on the cut up dead rice stalks lying on the dried earth.  Here is an excerpt from the story that describes my feeling:

“Aiming at the ox cart trail, my feet felt heavier and heavier, and I found myself trying to focus on forcing my fingers to grip and hold on to the sickle as it too was getting heavier and heavier.  On the ox cart trail, I did not have to work so hard for each step.  I often thought of Cambodian classical music produced by a Tro instrument, as it generated sounds that went perfectly with the image of desolate open fields filled with warm air.  That music understood my feelings and comforted my soul, Red Scarf (Kansaing Krawhom).”